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Achieve Product Development Direction:

new product develoment strategy

What are we trying to accomplish with product development?

Having strategic direction is crucial to product development because it allows your organization to focus its limited resources on what is most important.

Having clearly defined strategies aligns all the players toward the same goals, resulting in the reduction of conflict and stress, and improved productivity.

It starts with our proprietary s2m Strategic Framework™ that defines the enterprise, business unit and product strategies. These strategies ultimately feed into the organization’s portfolio management system and product development process.

We first work with your executive team in defining the overall direction.  This is accomplished with the development and implementation of the enterprise and business unit strategies.  This includes defining the roles and goals of new product development within your organization, the kinds of products, markets and technologies to focus on, and the resources to be allocated to your product development initiatives.  With this direction we then pass the baton to the product managers.

It is the responsibility of the product managers with their team to develop and implement product, platform,  market,  technology/IP strategies, as well as corresponding product and technology roadmaps. These elements focus resources on activities that translate into innovative, differentiated and profitable products in line with the company’s business and innovation strategies.

The benefit to you is focus and alignment. Your company avoids wasting resources on scattershot opportunities, and it directs resources toward the opportunities that have the highest return.