product development strategy

Product Development Strategy

Achieve Product Development Direction:

What are we trying to accomplish with product development?

Traditional strategy development assumes that markets and industries are stable, but today that is not the rule for most organizations.  Globalization continues to change the external environment for many organizations by creating new opportunities and threats they cannot ignore, and the traditional approach to strategy does not address these issues well.

A new approach to strategy is needed, one that can handle change, uncertainty, and adaptation for product development. We propose the s2m Strategic Framework™ as an alternative approach that explicitly considers the impact of change and uncertainty.

So what is in it for you?

  • Improved time-to-market… the framework determines the boundaries and priorities for product development; decisions are made quickly with minimal debate. Employees know what to do and have a clear understanding of department priorities, as well as, the overall firm’s product development objectives. Priorities are clearly communicated.
  • Less politics… project prioritization decisions are objective and based on the strategic framework, not the ability to promote individual agendas.
  • Relevant innovation… when new product opportunities arise, the framework helps the firm to evaluate the strategic fit, as well as the benefits and trade-offs involved in pursuing the opportunity.
  • A non-traditional approach to strategy… is taken out of the ivory tower and is co-developed with input from members of the product development team to ensure integration, important discipline input, understanding, buy-in, adaptability and speed.

Having strategic direction is crucial to product development because it allows your organization to focus its limited resources on what is most important. Strategy aligns the team toward the same goals, resulting in the reduction of conflict and stress, and improved productivity.

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