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NPD-bytes™ Video: Hi-level overview of phased and gated process (4:15)


Phased and gated thumbnail 12-1-14

Strategy 2 Market is announcing our latest initiative called NPD-bytes™. We will be launching a series of very short video clips on new product development topics, including but not limited to strategy, design controls, assumptions-based testing, process, teams, organization, metrics, portfolio management, decision-making, risks, human factors…the list goes on.

We thought we would start with a topic that gets a lot of hits on our site…the new product development process. Our first video will provide you with an overview of a basic phased and gated process. In the future we will start posting videos on alternative product development processes.

We welcome your input on any future videos.

Click here to see our first video in the NPD-bytes™ series.


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