Start the year off right, and get lean with PLAYBOOK (2:27)

Lean project execution softwareWe are impressed with the results we’re seeing for our clients that use PLAYBOOK.  It is a light-weight VERY easy to use project execution software program that enables lean and agile methodologies.

Again and again, we have seen our clients struggle when it comes to choosing the right projects, optimizing resources and improving time to market. And more often than not, this is because they lack visibility into key pieces of information that can translate into a better bottom line.

If you’re looking to shed months of your new project schedule, improve team culture and collaboration, track project execution real time… it might be time to hang up those tools that no one seems to pay attention to, and ax that weekly status meeting that seems bloated with old information.

At the heart, PLAYBOOK is a lean execution tool that thrives on 7 important principles:

  1. Teams should work on small batches of work, to improve throughput time
  2. Project task “buffers” or “padding” can actually be optimized
  3. Tasks that are following the Critical Path should be reprioritized
  4. Team members should “Pull” tasks rather than be “Pushed” tasks
  5. There is an optimal level of activities for team members to be effective
  6. Planning starts with each team member
  7. Daily stand-up meetings clarify priorities and quickly identify roadblocks

Having software to organize information is key. But at the end of the day, it is the overarching methodology and processes that can empower an organization to reduce waste and become a lean new product development machine.

Just think of Strategy 2 Market as a trainer and pace leader for a marathon, and PLAYBOOK as your Garmin GPS/heart rate monitor. We know you get it. And with that, it might be time for you to sign up for your first 26.2-mile race.  Click here to learn more about PLAYBOOK at Strategy 2 Market