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Product Management Master Class: Innovator’s Guide to Strategy Webinar Starts this Friday



As a Product Manager, is this happening to you?

  •  Lack of agreement on innovation priorities
  • Misalignment between business strategies and product strategies, or no strategies at all
  • Conflicting priorities between departments

We frequently hear about the frustrations described above, and they are often symptomatic of the lack of a well thought out strategy guiding product development. To help you and your team overcome these frustrations and achieve your product and category goals, we are excited to offer a 4-part online workshop,

The Product Management Master Class:

The Innovator’s Guide to Strategy features the s2m Strategic Framework™ developed by Kathy Morrissey and Mary Drotar of Strategy 2 Market to help you create and document a comprehensive, cohesive set of strategies to guide your organization’s innovation efforts.

The first session of this course starts at 12:30 PM EST on April 17 and runs on consecutive Fridays through May 8th. Each session is 90 minutes long and includes an “Apply it On Your Own” optional assignment at the end to help you and your team apply the learnings right away.

The registration fee for this course is $499 for up to 5 participants for all 4 sessions, we are also offering a $75.00 discount, please use the code s2m. For more information, including a detailed agenda and to save your place visit us online.

This course is an excellent way to bring your core team together and get everybody aligned on a common approach to product development strategies.

Space is limited, so reserve your place today.






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