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Survival in this fast-paced world

Early in the last century industries and markets were relatively stable. Over the last few decades we have seen many historically successful companies fail. Circumstances changed and they couldn’t adapt, like; Kodak, Blockbuster ……
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Strategy: One Direction

  Strategy is more of an art than a science. What companies need is a way to structure thinking and analysis, come to a decision on what to do, and then communicate the strategy in order to mobilize the organization to execute it. We wrote a mini eBook outlining the s2m Strategic Framework™   This framework…
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Switching Gears to an Organic Growth Strategy

A little background…Virtually every department in an organization is touched by product development, meaning that multiple people, functions, processes and infrastructures must be coordinated. As a result, product development is complex and needs to be managed as a system. When consulting with our clients, Strategy 2 Market (s2m) treats product development as a system, integrating…
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