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Why Traditional Strategy Does Not Win

Many firms are experiencing the limitations of traditional approaches to strategy as their businesses change due to new technologies, new global competitors, the creation of whole new industries and changing customer needs. Some of the symptoms include:…
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5 of the Biggest Fears and How to Overcome Them

As consultants, one trait we see is the inability of managers and leaders to make a decision. Consequently, a number of issues occur because of a manager’s indecision. For example, a project continues to fester in development, and everyone knows it should be killed but no one wants to make that final decision. Why does…
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What Can We Learn from the Theranos Experience?

Theranos, a blood testing laboratory, has been the subject of media scrutiny after a number of articles were published in the Wall Street Journal. Since clinical testing laboratories are not usually regulated by the FDA, this article will provide a short history of what has happened and some lessons learned to consider for the future….
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What IS an Innovation Strategy

To innovate is … To find new ways of doing things in order to create new value for the customer and/or the company New value means … For the customer, better performance, more convenience, lower cost or new benefits  For the company, potential for new revenue, new cost savings or new opportunities Innovation strategy defines…
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What an innovation strategy is NOT

 What Innovation Stragey is not … % revenue dollars from new products vs. old products % dollars invested in breakthrough projects vs. incremental Being first to market Being creative Changing your business model If you google “innovation strategy” you’ll find various definitions that are outcomes, such as: The types of innovations the company should pursue,…
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Switching Gears to an Organic Growth Strategy

A little background…Virtually every department in an organization is touched by product development, meaning that multiple people, functions, processes and infrastructures must be coordinated. As a result, product development is complex and needs to be managed as a system. When consulting with our clients, Strategy 2 Market (s2m) treats product development as a system, integrating…
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