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Why You Should Use Prototypes

Why Use Prototypes Why do you use prototypes? To better understand the customer? To determine whether the technology works? To see whether your product concept is manufacturable? All of these are valid reasons to use prototypes during product development.  However, sometimes companies wait until late in development to collect feedback.  They often think the prototype…
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When can I start prototyping my medical device?

Question: When can prototyping begin in medical device product development? Some of my colleagues say I can’t use prototypes until I am under design controls and have all my design inputs defined. On the other hand, I can’t generate my design inputs until I use prototypes to better understand the user and the problem I’m…
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Link Strategy to P3: Pipeline, Process, Portfolio

We have encountered companies struggling with the implementation of their strategies because there is no clear linkage between strategy and execution. The approach we have seen work best includes linkages between strategies and the design and implementation of the P3  (pipeline, product development process, and portfolio management system). PIPELINE New-product ideas are identified and vetted during…
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