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What Does Airline Capacity Have To Do With Lean?

Observation on Lack of Capacity A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (The Reason Southwest Stopped Overbooking), which contained excerpts from an interview with Southwest Airlines’ CEO Gary Kelly, brought out the need to address airline capacity issues on the ground and in the air. Responding to a question on the impact of lack…
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I Don’t Have TIME to Plan

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail (Benjamin Franklin) There is a lot of truth in this statement, especially when developing products.  In this posting, we will demonstrate the 1) Value of planning and 2) How to document the plan. 1) Value of Planning Let’s compare a project to taking a trip…
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The Product Development Pipeline: Shifting the Bubble

Part of product development is establishing a pipeline of projects that ensure a steady supply of new products delivered over time. Often the pipeline gets clogged, slowing down the delivery of new products. In the short case study below, we discuss one set of solutions to unclog a pipeline. Product Development Case Study Case Study…
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Do it early, and do it often… A Project Manager’s Survival Guide to Risk Management

  You feel really good about the project. Management agrees with the scope, your cross-functional team helped build the project schedule which meets your required delivery date, your risk management document captures all your known risks and you have mitigation plans defined. You’re prepared for anything that could happen on your project, right? In these matters…
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Start the year off right, and get lean with PLAYBOOK (2:27)

We are impressed with the results we’re seeing for our clients that use PLAYBOOK.  It is a light-weight VERY easy to use project execution software program that enables lean and agile methodologies. Again and again, we have seen our clients struggle when it comes to choosing the right projects, optimizing resources and improving time to…
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NPD-bytes™ Video: Management by Exception (2:04)

This is a very short NPD-byte™, but it covers one of our favorite NPD practices, Management by exception. Rather than constantly interrupting the project team with status meetings and gate meetings, it is more efficient to establish boundaries for project team activities. Boundaries can include target costs, scheduled milestones, budgets and performance targets. If there…
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Getting the Right Things Done

“Getting the Right Things Done” by Pascal Dennis is one of those books which remind us how important it is to have a big picture view of the organization and build focus on project execution.  Using lean techniques founded in the Toyota Production System, Dennis walks the reader through the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) process, the…
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