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What Does Airline Capacity Have To Do With Lean?

Observation on Lack of Capacity A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (The Reason Southwest Stopped Overbooking), which contained excerpts from an interview with Southwest Airlines’ CEO Gary Kelly, brought out the need to address airline capacity issues on the ground and in the air. Responding to a question on the impact of lack…
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Fix the process and culture will follow

Over the years, I had clients that complained about their culture, and were looking for a quick fix. I sounded like a broken record but my usual answer was; “Fix the process and an improved culture will follow.” …
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3 Lean and Agile Methods the TSA Used to Improve Performance

Why TSA Security Lines Aren’t as Bad as You’d Feared”, covered recent changes that have been made in order to address the long lines and the amount of time spent to clear airport screening.  The results they quoted were staggering and much better than I expected.  At O’Hare, the wait “fell from 105 minutes in…
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What does decentralized decision-making really look like?

Does decentralized decision-making mean leaders are out of a job? No, definitely not. As a leader, it is your responsibility … Read more…
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Strategy: One Direction

  Strategy is more of an art than a science. What companies need is a way to structure thinking and analysis, come to a decision on what to do, and then communicate the strategy in order to mobilize the organization to execute it. We wrote a mini eBook outlining the s2m Strategic Framework™   This framework…
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Product Managers a.k.a. New Product Development Experts

Product Management responsibilities are immense. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to life cycle management, P&L oversight, market research, segmentation, competitive analysis, pricing, launch strategies, marketing plans and sales force motivation. Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a Senior Product Manager and we discussed the changing roles and responsibilities of his position. He no…
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You’ve Gotta Have Strategic Focus

Having a product strategy is a crucial need for all businesses, but the process of creating a product strategy can create great angst. A product strategy lays out the role and goals of new product development, the kinds of products to be focused on, the resources to be allocated to new product development and a…
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