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How to Identify and Manage Project Risk

Project risks come in many different forms, from those the project team anticipates to the ones they discover when an unexpected problem crops up. In product development, there are many sources because you interact with so many parts of the organization in order to commercialize the product. However, there are some simple steps you can…
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Is the Product Management Role Marginalized in Your Organization?

Even though product management is one of the most important positions within product development, it is often marginalized. The product management role is even more important in today’s turbulent environment. There are many types of change in the external environment that can impact product development by altering customer needs, introducing new technologies, and changing the…
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Why Traditional Strategy Does Not Win

Many firms are experiencing the limitations of traditional approaches to strategy as their businesses change due to new technologies, new global competitors, the creation of whole new industries and changing customer needs. Some of the symptoms include:…
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5 of the Biggest Fears and How to Overcome Them

As consultants, one trait we see is the inability of managers and leaders to make a decision. Consequently, a number of issues occur because of a manager’s indecision. For example, a project continues to fester in development, and everyone knows it should be killed but no one wants to make that final decision. Why does…
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Medical Devices Undergo Extensive Safety Testing; Is This Really Necessary?

As part of ongoing efforts to encourage more physical activity among children, McDonald’s added the “Step it” fitness tracker to Happy Meals.  After only a few days, following reports of skin irritation caused by the wrist worn fitness tracker, McDonald’s decided to remove the fitness tracker from Happy Meals. In July, 2016, the FDA released…
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Is There Customer Uncertainty About Buying Your Products?

As a marketer, it is imperative to reduce any uncertainty customers may feel about buying your product. Customer uncertainty can take the form of needing more information, not having enough experience with your product, or not enough evidence to assure them that it will perform as desired. Customer uncertainty contributes to indecision on trying or purchasing your product. There are different avenues that a marketer can take in order to reduce this uncertainty……
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The Different Flavors of Experimentation

Learn more about exploratory and hypothesis-testing experimentation for product development…
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Human Factors – Changes You Should Know and Why You Should Care

The FDA issued a new guidance, Applying Human Factors and Usability Engineering to Medical Devices in early Feb 2016.  On April 3, 2016, it will replace Medical Device Use-Safety: Incorporating Human Factors Engineering into Risk Management issued in 2000.  This lengthy document (49 pages) contains some very specific language on how human factors should be…
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Dealing with Uncertainty in Product Development

One of the defining characteristics of product development is making decisions and judgments, in the face of uncertainty. Exploratory Product Development (ExPD) is based on the premise of reducing risks and uncertainty. We’re defining uncertainty as having imperfect or limited knowledge about something, resulting in the potential for surprise or unpredictability in the future. You’ll…
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Exploratory PD: An Adaptive Approach to Product Development

Exploratory product development is a fundamental redesign of the product development process. ExPD is an adaptive approach that responds quickly to internal and external factors. Read more…
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