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Staking Out Valuable Positions

A crucial issue in strategy development is staking out a valuable place in customers’ minds. Perceptual mapping is useful for understanding customer perceptions….
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Product Development New Year’s Resolution: Get a Strategy

How do you realize the New Year’s resolution of implementing a well-defined strategic framework? Read more…
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Strategy and Uncertainty

Does your strategy handle the uncertainty and complexity of today’s markets? …
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What gives? My company is on a buying spree?!

Why do companies make acquisitions instead of growing organically? Here are a few reasons….
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Getting the Right Things Done

“Getting the Right Things Done” by Pascal Dennis is one of those books which remind us how important it is to have a big picture view of the organization and build focus on project execution.  Using lean techniques founded in the Toyota Production System, Dennis walks the reader through the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) process, the…
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