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10 Key Steps To Developing A Business Model

The business model is one of the most powerful, and most overlooked, tools of the product developer. Read more in this article….
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Got a Technology Strategy?

Technology is another one of those nebulous terms that are hard to pin down.  You may immediately think of sciences in the laboratory.  But technology is the application of science.  The key feature of science is that it is systematized.  There is a body of knowledge, processes, and rules about how something behaves. “Technology is…
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Switching Gears to an Organic Growth Strategy

A little background…Virtually every department in an organization is touched by product development, meaning that multiple people, functions, processes and infrastructures must be coordinated. As a result, product development is complex and needs to be managed as a system. When consulting with our clients, Strategy 2 Market (s2m) treats product development as a system, integrating…
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NPD-bytes™ Video: What is a multi-level product roadmap? (3:09)

You not only learn the basics and benefits of product roadmaps in this NPD-byte, but you also learn how to develop a multi-level product roadmap.  Multi-level product roadmaps build a connection between Market Need, Products, Technology and other resources to help identify any inconsistencies or gaps. http://youtu.be/TfeFv-wBeOc Strategy 2 Market helps companies increase growth and decrease product development complexity. www.strategy2market.com For more…
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A new offering from Strategy 2 Market – Technology Strategy Management

Businesses often have a reasonably articulated strategy for their product development projects. However, effective Technology Management often takes a back seat. Companies should consider a strategic approach to the development of technologies to position themselves adequately for short and long term competitiveness. A good technology strategy incorporates a good mix of technology development efforts, technology…
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Why Product Managers are worth their weight in gold

Part 1: Product Managers Gold Series – Setting Strategic Direction This is Part 1 of a series of articles we will publish on the role of the Product Manager within the new product development process. A Product Manager plays one of the most valuable roles within your organization: managing the ongoing profitability and viability of…
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