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Why You Should Use Prototypes

Why Use Prototypes Why do you use prototypes? To better understand the customer? To determine whether the technology works? To see whether your product concept is manufacturable? All of these are valid reasons to use prototypes during product development.  However, sometimes companies wait until late in development to collect feedback.  They often think the prototype…
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Got a Technology Strategy?

Technology is another one of those nebulous terms that are hard to pin down.  You may immediately think of sciences in the laboratory.  But technology is the application of science.  The key feature of science is that it is systematized.  There is a body of knowledge, processes, and rules about how something behaves. “Technology is…
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A new offering from Strategy 2 Market – Technology Strategy Management

Businesses often have a reasonably articulated strategy for their product development projects. However, effective Technology Management often takes a back seat. Companies should consider a strategic approach to the development of technologies to position themselves adequately for short and long term competitiveness. A good technology strategy incorporates a good mix of technology development efforts, technology…
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Big Data presentation by Roger Hoerl

Big Data – A Challenge for Statistical Leadership Dr. Roger W. Hoerl Brate-Peschel Assistant Professor at Union College 2013 Statistical Advocate of the Year Award Luncheon Chicago Chapter of the American Statistical Association Thursday 9 May 2013 Noon – 2:00 PM Maggiano’s Little Italy, 516 North Clark Street, Chicago IL The Wall Street Journal, New…
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The Dark Side of Target Costing – “Help! Everything around me is breaking!”

I believe that ‘Target costing’ is arguably one of the single greatest contributors to the poor quality of products in the marketplace today. Product innovators would like to maintain the mantra that beautifully-designed products needn’t cost more to manufacture. I argue that, in many cases, this is true, but at the same time, I also…
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Infographic on Patent Activity

Patent Wars Infographic This very interesting infographic shows patent wars and patent deals among tech companies between 2008 and 2012. Although it appears that there’s a lot of suing going going on, a closer look shows there’s more collaboration than battle in shear numbers of patents. Motorola Mobility, Nortel, IBM, Microsoft and AOL are most…
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