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Managing your biggest black hole in product development: Resource Management

One of the biggest black holes for our clients is resource management. It is a dark and difficult place to get out* of with using either a simple spread sheet or even a big enterprise solution. There is nothing in between, and this is where TempusResource™ by ProSymmetry comes in…a spreadsheet is not robust enough to answer difficult resource optimization and allocation questions, and a big enterprise resource management solution can be unyielding, hard to navigate and very expensive to implement and maintain.

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TempusResource is truly a disruptive technology:

  • Extremely easy for your team to use due to its intuitive, award-winning interface.  TempusResource was awarded Gartner’s “2016 Cool Vendor”
  • Inexpensive, with low annual fees
  • Fast, easy set-up
  • Interfaces with various in-house systems to simplify data input and updates
  • Easy software maintenance because it is hosted by TempusResource in the cloud (on-site installation also available)
  • Provides capabilities no other resource management system currently possesses, such as project and portfolio simulation (download the free Gartner/Prosymmetry whitepaper for details)


How can TempusResource help?

TempusResource helps you answer all those very difficult questions, including portfolio management decisions and on-going project tracking. It helps answer crucial questions like these:

  • Based on my current resources, how many projects can I expect to deliver?
  • If I add this new urgent project, how will this affect my other projects that are currently in development?
  • What resources in the organization are slowing the project down? (including supporting resources, like regulatory, quality, production etc.)
  • Are any of our resources being underutilized or are we maxing out some of our other resources?
  • What happens if we do project A, versus project B or C? How will this affect our resource pool? Do we have the resources to do these different projects?

TempusResource determines the best project scenarios for your organization

Tempus Resource ManagementTempusResource performs different project simulations and modeling based on your project and resource data. This data can be live from Project Portfolio Management (PPM) systems such as Microsoft Project Server or Project Online, or it can be captured directly in TempusResource as a stand-alone solution.

The solution is extremely robust since it assembles all of your PPM data into a model where projects can be simulated: extended, put on hold, pulled forward, stopped, delayed, moved earlier or later. The simulation can be expanded to include varying team members (increase/decrease) or reallocation between projects, etc. The list goes on…TempusResource includes an optimization engine that can run hundreds of these simulations to ultimately provide you with the best project scenarios.

You can then review these real-time simulation results with your portfolio and project teams using the integrated reports and dashboards features. The team can instantly see the impact of the different scenarios. Powerful dashboards with drill down capabilities will provide summary statistics outlining the quality of your model. There is also a scoring mechanism that will inform your team if they’re actually improving. Ultimately, TempusResource makes it easier for your team to make intelligent decisions based on factual data.

Why Strategy 2 Market and TempusResource?

Strategy 2 Market® has extensive expertise in process, portfolio management and resource management. We work with your team in developing and implementing a system that is easy to maintain and is repeatable, and we attain this with our TempusResource partnership. Our expertise tied with TempusResource brings the total solution together for your organization.

Want to learn more?

Let us take you through a demo of TempusResource. If you’re interested after the demo, you can take it a step further with a free trial. You’ll be able to experience the power of this robust resource management tool without any commitments. Strategy 2 Market is the sole North America partner for Tempus Resource.

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Contact Mary Drotar at 312-212-3144 or [email protected] to get started.

*Unlike a real black hole, this is one that you can escape from.