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Current Situation


Question: What was the situation you needed to address?

Answer: We definitely had a hybrid new product development system in place. It was not getting the results organizationally that we wanted to achieve, nor was it directly aligned to our broader strategic objectives. Things were done more on an ad hoc basis and we were doing far too many projects concurrently without the realization of how those resources were being applied towards those projects. So the short version is that not many product development projects were getting completed at all or on time.

Also, there wasn’t a general understanding organizationally of the collaborative nature by which these projects needed to be done in the future. The reality was there clearly was not a culture that rallied around the product development efforts. There was just misalignment between core functional groups in the company in terms of marketing, sales, operations and engineering. It was not the best situation. The good news is we came to a common understanding of the problems and realized that we didn’t have resources internally to deal with them. That’s when we reached out to Strategy 2 Market to provide some assistance and direction.


John, Chief Operating Officer
Industrial products manufacturer and government contractor
February 16, 2016