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Product Risk Framework®: Business Intelligence SW for Product Developers


product risk framework


The Product Risk Framework (PRF) helps your product development team identify, manage, evaluate and track the reduction of product development uncertainty and risks. Predictive Analytics/Artificial Intelligence is incorporated into the tool to help project teams make better product development decisions.

Mary and Kathy, co-founders of Strategy 2 Market, received an NSF STEM I-Corp Grant for the PRF. A requirement of the NSF STEM I-Corp Grant was to understand how companies currently cope with uncertainty and risk in product development. This grant is sponsored by the University of Chicago and supported with funding from the NSF.


The PRF was designed based on the NSF grant findings; including input from at least 75 innovation leaders and end-users across different disciplines, ranks, and industries.

The PRF is a secure, web-based tool hosted in data centers located and operated in the United States. The software platform is audited and certified regularly, including ISO 27001/27017/27018, SOC 1/2/3 and DOD IL 2/4. Our software is developed locally in Madison, WI.

Contact Mary for more information or visit our Product Risk Framework site.