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Learn & Adapt ExPD an Adaptive Product Development Process for Rapid Innovation and Risk Reduction

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It has finally happened; we published our book, “Learn & Adapt: ExPD an Adaptive Product Development Process for Rapid Innovation and Risk Reduction.” Here is a link to the first 41 pages of our 307-page book; if you want to continue with the book, you can purchase it via Amazon or Apple Books. A hard copy will be available soon.

You have many options when choosing and reading a book on product development. Now, the top 10 benefits of spending your time and money on this book.
1. Speed. ExPD accelerates the product development process in multiple ways, including removing bureaucracy, batches of work, rework, and focusing on the most critical product priorities.
2. Adapt to Product Uncertainties. Identify and resolve the most critical uncertainties early in the process, so inappropriate projects fail fast and early. The Product Risk Framework tool guides teams in identifying often overlooked uncertainties, enabling ExPD to adapt to the unique nuances of each product.
3. Achieve Strategic Alignment. A strategy is critical to product development. ExPD incorporates the s2m Strategic Framework™, a powerful tool that adapts to different markets and environments and guides product development activities.
4. Launch a Market-Ready Product. ExPD recognizes that product development is more than resolving uncertainties; we developed the Idea Maturity Model to evolve the product towards a market-ready product.
5. Develop Products That Start with the Customer. With ExPD, uncertainties related to the customer, product-market fit, and value proposition are identified early in the process.
6. Learn Fast. With uncertainty, the best outcomes are achieved through experimentation. The team needs to identify their assumptions and understand whether they are valid. Regardless of the outcome, learnings are of paramount importance.
7. Prioritize and Optimize Projects Real-time. Prioritization valves within the ExPD process ensure timely resourcing. The pipeline is easily overloaded and can slow to a crawl without the valves.
8. Decrease Unnecessary Activities. The traditional phased-and-gated process can be rigid, and activities are often performed mechanically. In contrast, ExPD customizes activities and documentation based on the unique nuances and uncertainties of the product.
9. Improve Decisions. ExPD is based on decentralized decision-making and team empowerment. For the team to make high-quality decisions, clearly stated parameters are developed, making it easy for everyone to understand what needs to be completed on the project without constant interruptions.
10. Increase ROI. The 9-benefits listed above translate to an increased Return on Investment.

We present Exploratory Product Development (ExPD), a strategy-to-launch product development approach that is adaptable and can respond nimbly to increasingly complex and uncertain environments. Constraints imposed by a traditional phased-and-gated product development process are also examined.

This user guide is for product developers in established enterprises looking to install a new or improved product development process. Product developers in start-ups will also benefit from many of the ideas, tools, and techniques covered in this guide. We provide case studies and examples that transition these concepts from theory into practice.

Implementing the ExPD approach will result in a product development function that is stronger, more focused, and more resilient to change. You will better understand the role strategy and business models play in product development and how to build a productive idea pipeline. Also, you will gain a new appreciation for the need to identify, assess and resolve uncertainty and risk before investing in a product, giving you greater confidence in your ability to win savings in resources and time to market and ultimately achieve greater product success.

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