Benefits of Corporate Product Development Seminars

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Some courses are best facilitated internally for corporate teams. This enables the team to freely discuss confidential new product development issues. Product Development demands a high degree of interaction between departments, functions, activities, tools and knowledge.

Corporate training helps build a greater degree of understanding and cooperation between departments, while promoting the generation of new ideas and solutions. Training all your Product Development team members together serves to establish a common language and base of ideas, and promotes a higher degree of cross-functional teamwork.

Corporate training also gives your team the time and opportunity to collaborate in applying new concepts and generating new strategies, ideas and solutions.

Benefits of working with Strategy 2 Market

Your corporate course will be customized to your new product development priorities. Our instructors are strategic new product development experts who provide consulting services to some of the finest national and international companies, and who understand current new product development issues in the marketplace. They are able to transform theoretical business knowledge into informative discussions.

Your team will strengthen work relationships and absorb key concepts through class discussion and activities. We encourage productive interactive discussions that illustrate the key concepts, which are then applied and reinforced through case studies. Your team will be equipped with the knowledge to achieve your new product development goals.

Seminars at your convenience

Our instructors can travel to your location, either within the United States or internationally, and will customize courses to meet the particular needs of your company. We are also able to offer courses online, as a cost–effective alternative for New Product Development teams that are widely dispersed geographically.

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