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2-Day Lean Product Development Workshop

Despite an increasing need for speed and efficiency, much of the effort expended by new product development (NPD) teams is often unnecessary and potentially wasteful. In many cases, only one hour in eight of team members’ time is spent directly creating value for their customers.

This is partly due to the cross-functional nature of the NPD activities. There are many departments, individuals, and tasks that interact along this path. Given this complexity, the NPD process is subject to the various forms of “waste” that form and accumulate, as with any other process, causing delay and inefficiency. This waste can even result in the failure of products to launch or in the loss of revenue and market share to competitors that are more adept at bringing products to market.

Lean product development methodology represents a template for a “future state” of an organization’s NPD process. It is an alternative approach that enables an organization to develop faster and more reliable methods that accomplish the critical activities of the product development process.

The Lean Product Development Workshop follows the new product development process from discovery to launch.  We present leading-edge, practical tools for slashing waste and increasing speed and efficiency. The “lean methods” described in this course enable dramatic reductions in time-to-market while freeing up valuable resources for additional project work.

Firms that have embraced these practical, waste-eliminating tools have reported up to fifty-percent reduction in launch schedules, significant improvements in gross margin, and enhanced customer satisfaction. This 2-day hands-on workshop covers all aspects of the subject, including a step-by-step process for customizing your own lean process that will enable rapid, high-value product development.

What you will learn:

  • How to apply lean tools throughout the new product development process starting from discovery to launch
  • How to realign activities within your process in order to get product to market quicker
  • How to recognize waste within your organization
  • How to prioritize the most important projects, and optimize resources
  • How to manage quality, risk and change
  • How to implement important lean tools; including developing stand-up meetings and visual project boards
  • How to develop a metrics baseline for measuring future success

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