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Translate VOC into Product Specifications (a.k.a QFD)

Is it challenging for your product team to translate customer requirements into product specifications?  In some instances it can be very difficult for marketing and engineering to translate the Voice of the Customer (VOC) into product design.

Quality Function Deployment (QFD), sometimes called the House of Quality, provides this important translation and collaboration mechanism.  This tool was very popular in the 80’s especially within the auto industry, and it is regaining popularity once more as companies look for ways to make product development more efficient and reliable.   QFD is a process that provides structure to the development cycle and it is different from other tools since the process is purely driven by customer requirements.

This is a 1-day workshop that requires cross-functional product team attendance, since we are working with customer requirements (Marketing/Product Management) and engineering specifications (Engineering/R&D).   This workshop is highly customized using your potential products as an example during the session.  We discuss the theory behind the process, while at the same time providing team exercises for real-time application.  We use our proprietary QFD software program during the session, and we take you through the key 9 areas within the QFD matrix.

Benefits of learning QFD:

  • Focuses on those requirements that are truly important to the customer
  • Promotes multifunctional teamwork using marketing and planning inputs to deploy customers’ needs and expectations through product design, process and production planning
  • Prevents downstream changes since there is an extensive planning effort at the beginning of the NPD cycle consciously addressing each customer need with specific product features and specifications
  • Limits the chance of omitting important design characteristics or interactions across design characteristics
  • Enables cost effective design and production leading to the avoidance of waste
  • Perpetual, non-exclusive license to our proprietary QFD software

Additional Information:

Strategy 2 Market instructors are strategic innovation consultants who bring a considerable breadth and depth of experience in new product development, and discuss real life examples throughout the workshop.

Our focus is on education, not just training in tools and techniques. Each instructional segment incorporates class discussion and case studies that help you apply your knowledge of the course materials.

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Strategy 2 Market also offers classes on-site or online for your company and can customize courses to meet your needs.



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