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Scenario Planning Process Training

What does the future hold?…another important burning question for those that are trying to bring the next new breakthrough product to market. There is a lot of discussion concerning disruptive theories and market signals. But how do you position yourself to understand those important unknown market signals? Trend and Scenario Planning are two very useful tools for determining important future market signals.

Scenario Planning Concepts Covered:

  • What is disruption theory?
  • What are market signals, and how do I detect them?
  • How are trends detected?
  • What is the best way to track trends?
  • How do I feed these trends into my NPD process?
  • How can scenario planning help me broaden the view of the future?
  • When do I use scenario planning?
  • What is the scenario planning process?
  • How do I implement these practices in my organization?

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