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NPD-bytes™ Video: Potential inefficiencies of the phased and gated process (4:25)

This NPD-byte™ will share a case study on the potential inefficiencies of the phased and gated process and the importance of resolving project risks early in the project Our firm was brought into a company that was encountering product development process issues.  Some of the issues included, missing delivery dates,  missing organic growth revenue goals…
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NPD-bytes™ Video: What is a multi-level product roadmap? (3:09)

You not only learn the basics and benefits of product roadmaps in this NPD-byte, but you also learn how to develop a multi-level product roadmap.  Multi-level product roadmaps build a connection between Market Need, Products, Technology and other resources to help identify any inconsistencies or gaps. Strategy 2 Market helps companies increase growth and decrease product development complexity. For more…
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Start the year off right, and get lean with PLAYBOOK (2:27)

We are impressed with the results we’re seeing for our clients that use PLAYBOOK.  It is a light-weight VERY easy to use project execution software program that enables lean and agile methodologies. Again and again, we have seen our clients struggle when it comes to choosing the right projects, optimizing resources and improving time to…
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NPD-bytes™ Video: Getting to the right project decisions – 7 key gate practices (6:18)

This NPD-byte™ will provide 7 key gate practices that will assist gatekeepers in making the right project decisions. During new product development, gates are the decision points where we ‘go’, ‘kill’, or ‘recycle’ a project. Gate practices, therefore, have a profound effect on a Gatekeeper’s ability to make the right project decisions. For additional information…
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NPD-bytes™ Video: Hi-level overview of phased and gated process (4:15)

Strategy 2 Market is announcing our latest initiative called NPD-bytes™. We will be launching a series of very short video clips on new product development topics, including but not limited to strategy, design controls, assumptions-based testing, process, teams, organization, metrics, portfolio management, decision-making, risks, human factors…the list goes on. We thought we would start with…
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